Buy a New Device

We offer any device on the market for replacement or outright sale. If your device is damaged beyond repair or you need to buy a new device, no matter the price range, we can help!

Sell your Device for Cash

Whether you are in need of an upgrade or you broke your device beyond repair, we will recycle your iPhone for you. Since we use each screw and shield of every iPhone this will often times this comes with a cash incentive! However, if you want to get the most money for your device we have a few helpful tips:

  1. Make sure there are no unpaid bills and phone is paid off. If the phone has or will be claimed on insurance, be honest.
  2. Back up your phone to your computer and sign out of your iCloud before coming in. This will also ensure that you protect your information.
  3. Make sure phone is charged.
  4. Pricing is based from broken – flawless.
  5. Please bring box, any accessories that came with the iPhone, and a photo I.D. when attempting to sell any device.

Estimates can rarely be given over the phone. The final cash quote will be determined in person.

iPhone X
$100 – $550

iPhone 8+
$145 – $455

iPhone 8
$125 – $400

iPhone 7+
$90 – $300

iPhone 7
$75 – $235

iPhone 6s+
$40 – $140

iPhone 6s
$30 – $110

iPhone 6+
$30 – $110

iPhone 6
$20 – $75

iPhone SE
$25 – $70

iPhone 5s
$5 – $30

iPhone 5c
$5 – $10

iPhone 5
$5 – $10