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iPhone Repair

The only award winning iPhone repair service in Bryan College Station, ever.

Established in 2010, we price match any local taxpaying competitor to ensure that you not only get the best service, but the best price in town as well! Our number one priority is customer loyalty and bringing our customers value. We offer a FREE Tempered glass screen protector with EVERY iPhone repair along with the best warranty out of any iPhone repair service.

android phone repair

Android Repair

We also repair androids devices on all Samsung models. Cracked screen, battery replacement or phone replacement we can help you come up with the best solution to repair or replace your device.

iPad Repair

We are the iPad repair specialists! If you broke your iPad that you use for work or the family iPad that your kids use it is important that you get your iPad repaired by professionals! We have repaired over 50,000 devices and use the highest quality parts and tools to ensure you get your iPad fixed in a prompt and proper fashion. If you bring your iPad to us, you will not have to deal with dust in between your screen. We take pride in being very meticulous and clean with all of our iPad repairs!

Mac & PC Repair

iMac, Macbook, or PC repairs at the best value in all of BCS! Whether you need a new screen, battery, logic board, or your computer is running slow, we can help! We can also upgrade memory or RAM to help your device to run faster.

Unlock a device

If you need help unlocking a device for out of country use or switching carriers, give us a call at 1-844-SOUR FIX and ask for our unlock service. Typically we can unlock any device, remotely, within 24 hours.

Water Damage

Our professional water process machine cleans any and all corrosion from your device. If it can be repaired, we will find a way to repair it. We can also get the important information removed from your iPhone, iPad, or Computer so that you do not lose your most precious memories. This is what we do, and we take our job seriously!

Vintage Weis

Summer 2018 line now available

Thank You For Your Service!

up to 40{3ed30b30f66ae1a8ec46348fc06ea73ec0c251d0a0848a33ca4461250bdbd1ca} OFF for Veterans

 Sour Apple would like to thank all the US Veterans by discounting your repair by up to 40{3ed30b30f66ae1a8ec46348fc06ea73ec0c251d0a0848a33ca4461250bdbd1ca}. Just bring proof and we'll honor this deal every time.

25{3ed30b30f66ae1a8ec46348fc06ea73ec0c251d0a0848a33ca4461250bdbd1ca} OFF First-Responders

Sour Apple Repair appreciates all our first-responders including: Police, Fire, & EMS. Bring in proof and we will honor this discount every time.

25{3ed30b30f66ae1a8ec46348fc06ea73ec0c251d0a0848a33ca4461250bdbd1ca} OFF for K-12 Teachers

 Sour Apple Repair applauds all our K-12 Teachers by offering a 25{3ed30b30f66ae1a8ec46348fc06ea73ec0c251d0a0848a33ca4461250bdbd1ca} discount on all repairs. Just bring proof and we will honor this discount every time.